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Arizona Vs. Utah: Utes Try To Keep Bowl Hopes Alive, Wildcats Try To Win On Road

The Utah Utes try to keep their bowl hopes alive, while the Arizona Wildcats look to finally win on the road. Our looks from our Utah and Arizona writers.

Christian Petersen

Talk about this week’s Utah - Arizona matchup. What are the keys to victory?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: Gosh, I don’t even know. Arizona’s offense scares me, especially their speed. I’d wager the weather holds Utah’s keys to victory ... how sad is that?

Matt Quinney, Academically Ineligible: The keys against Arizona will be to create turnovers on defense and limit turnovers on offense. I would like to see more passing as well to renew Wilson’s confidence. I would say that a 60/40 run/pass play call would be a good balance against Arizona.

Arizona now heads to Salt Lake City to face Utah. What matchups do the Wildcats have to win to achieve victory?

Scott Coleman, SB Nation Arizona: We're probably looking at another shootout on Saturday night. As has been the case for Arizona in almost every game so far, whichever team wins the turnover and special teams battles probably comes out on top.

If Matt Scott can't play, obviously the focus shifts to opening holes for Ka'Deem Carey and Daniel Jenkins to run through. It will be a cold night in Utah and I can't imagine the coaching staff letting B.J. Denker air the ball out. If Scott does play it will be business as usual for the ‘Cats.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops & Pacific Takes: It'll be interesting, as always, to see how the Utah frontline handles the spread. Ka'Deem Carrey is an obvious headache but the true question - because Utah isn't Colorado - is whether or not Matt Scott will play. Utah has the ability to force Denker - should he start - beat them and if I'm Utah, I like my chances with Denker taking snaps.

Kevin Zimmerman, Arizona Desert Swarm: If we want to get specific, it'll be interesting to see how Arizona's offensive line handles Star Lotulelei. While you'd expect the Wildcats to go with more heavy doses of the run if Matt Scott doesn't return, that's really playing to Lotulelei's strength. Arizona really needs to shape up the run defense as well.