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BCS Standings: Oregon behind Alabama & Florida State, four Pac-12 teams in top 25

Time for the only rankings that matter this season.

Steve Dykes

It's the final season of the BCS, so we should be prepared for eight SEC teams, plenty of Pac-12 non-bias, and other sorts of shenanigans. How do the first set of standings look?

3) Oregon Ducks. Oregon is just ever so slightly behind Florida State because of the computer factor, and Washington's slide back to .500 leaves Oregon without a marquee win. But they have the big games ahead of them, including tilts with UCLA, Stanford and Oregon State. They should leapfrog the Seminoles, who have one big game left (Miami) and a down Florida team left as high-quality foes.

6) Stanford Cardinal. The best one-loss team in the country rankings-wise, Stanford should feel pretty good about their Rose Bowl chances if they upset Oregon.  And even as a two-loss team, if Oregon goes to the title game expect the Rose Bowl to try and fill in Stanford if they can.

12) UCLA Bruins. UCLA's Rose Bowl fate is still in their hands. But presuming they lose to Oregon this weekend (they're just not in the best shape right now), their at-large hopes are sunk. The good news is that they have the easier road to the Pac-12 title game

25) Oregon State Beavers. Imagine if Oregon State avoided their early season hiccup to Eastern Washington and Stanford didn't collapse against Utah. The conference would undoubtedly be considered right up to the SEC's standards with three quality unbeatens in one division. Instead OSU and Stanford battle for what amounts to a BCS at-large elimination contest in Corvallis.

On the fringes: Arizona State should get into the mix if they show they can win on the road these next few weeks. Washington is done with the top 25 unless they beat UCLA and Oregon State. Utah and Arizona probably have to win out to get enough attention from anyone.