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Stanford or Oregon: Which team would you rather be a fan of?

Would you prefer to be the fan of a team that is prone to upsets (like Stanford), or a team that struggles to beat its top rival (like Oregon)?

Ezra Shaw

Chris Landon, UW Dawg Pound: Being a UW fan, I had the chance to watch the Huskies annihilate the Buffaloes last weekend. The game pretty much lost most interest in the second quarter. I found myself thinking then that this is what being a Duck fan must feel like most weeks. Thus, if my choice were to be bored most weeks and then pissed off at being beat by my top rival half the time versus being involved in good games more weeks than not, I'd take the latter.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I'll go with the Oregon method since I would actually say that their top rivals are Oregon State and Washington and they have thoroughly dominated both of them in recent history. If we are considering Stanford their top rival, I would still go with Oregon as I think regularly getting beaten by not that great of teams is much more frustrating than getting beaten by really good teams.

Jason Bartel, Arizona Desert Swarm: Oh Stanford. I am a fan of a team that struggled to beat its top rival forever (Northern Arizona lost to Montana 14 straight times up until last year, and now NAU's won the last two). I'll tell you something about those NAU/Montana games. They were the worst. I would have much rather seen those Lumberjack teams crush Montana, but then lose to some lower-tier Big Sky team later in the year.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles: Upsets are prone to happen in any sport, even to the best of teams, so it would be more frustrating for me to root for a team that continually struggles to beat its top rival. I can stomach a bad loss every now and then, but taking a loss year after year to a rival would be more painful.