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Arizona State vs. UCLA the Pac-12 South game of the year

Can the Sun Devils make their way to the conference title game, or will it be the Bruins for the third season in a row?


How do you see the Arizona State-UCLA game going? Who will take control of their Pac-12 South destiny?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I don't know if I can think of a recent Pac-12 game where I had this hard of a time figuring out who will win. These teams are very similar and I think Arizona State might be a little bit better overall, but it's in the Rose Bowl and the Sun Devils, outside of one blowout of Washington State, haven't looked good on the road, so I will give the edge to the Bruins.

Chris Landon, UW Dawg Pound: If you watch a lot of Pac 12 football, it is hard to honestly say that UCLA is anywhere close to ASU in their overall ability to execute. The Bruins, while as talented, our younger and more prone to mistakes. Take last weekend. UCLA got two turnovers on UW's first two drives and converted that to an early 20 point lead. However, by the first drive of the 2nd half, and with UW's backup QB in, the Bruins had that lead cut to 3 points. ASU, given the same opportunities, would have laid the hammer down and had that game over by the 2nd quarter (as they did when they played UW). ASU is the better team and I expect a rather convincing win.