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Pac-12 Bowl Lineup: Sun Bowl Will Feature ACC Vs. Pac-12 No. 4

The Pac-12 and ACC are set to play more Sun Bowl through the end of the decade.


The Pac-12 has now secured its top four bowl slots outside of the Rose Bowl.

The Alamo Bowl is the primary non-College Football Playoff Bowl, and they will have the first selection of a Pac-12 team not involved in the Playoff or that doesn't get selected by the Rose Bowl in years the Rose Bowl isn't involved in the Playoff. The Alamo will have a similar arrangement with the Big 12, making it one of the marquee non-Playoff Bowls in college football.

The Holiday Bowl goes second, and they will face off with a Big Ten selected team (somewhere between second and fourth overall in the selection process).

Then comes the Fight Hunger Bowl, which takes a huge leap up the pecking order. The Pac-12 will battle a Big Ten team, likely fifth or sixth overall selection-wise.

After that will come the Sun Bowl, which moves down a slot. Here's the official press release.

"The Pac 12 has been an invaluable partner for the Sun Bowl for many years and we are looking forward to our continued partnership with them," said Walker Crowson, President of the Sun Bowl Association. "The Pac 12 Conference has helped the Sun Bowl deliver quality and exciting match-ups to El Paso in the past and will continue into the future."

The Hyundai Sun Bowl Football Selection Committee will have the fourth selection from the Pac-12 following the newly-formed College Football Playoff subject to selection guidelines established by the conference. With the new contract, the 2014 game will begin a six-year appearance at Sun Bowl Stadium through 2019.

"The Pac-12 looks forward to continuing our relationship with the Sun Bowl, that outside of the Rose Bowl, has stretched longer than any other bowl game," said Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott. "Our teams thoroughly enjoy the hospitality and overall experience provided by the Sun Bowl and El Paso community. Maintaining our partnership with the Sun Bowl provides another quality postseason matchup for the Conference, and adds to an already strong lineup of bowl games for years to come."

All agreements are six years long and will allow stability for the conference in its bowl process from 2014 through 2019.