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USC, Oregon State football the most disappointing Pac-12 teams in 2013

Which team has really disappointed you the most relative to what you expected coming into this season?


Sean Reynolds, Block U: I don't know if any Pac-12 team has disappointed me. I think, on the whole, the conference is better this year than they were last. But because Oregon State has a loss to a FCS school, and nearly lost to San Diego State, I'll go with them.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: USC. I thought that the Trojans would actually have a sneaky good year going into the season, but I overrated their quarterbacks and just how important their efficiency is in their scheme.

Phil Fraser, Ralphie Report: USC. It's not even so much the ugly loss and overall sluggish start. It's that for a team in LA, they're committing a cardinal sin- they're boring.

Patrick Flower, Pacific Takes: Oregon State. The Beavs began the season ranked and despite their record (3-1) have played some truly disappointing football. Cheers to Mike Riley for making it interesting - a loss to FCS Eastern Washington, an OT game vs Utah where the Beavers let the Utes come back in the 2nd half, and a 4th qtr comeback vs 0-3 San Diego State. Yes, the same SDSU team that lost 40-19 to Eastern Illinois. Tony Romo would be so proud! All that said, I cannot give Sean Mannion enough praise. He is single-handidly willing the Beavers to victories. All Mannion has done is rank #2 in the FBS in pass yards per game with 401.0 yards, lead the nation in total pass yards (1604) and pass TD (15), all while throwing only a single INT. If the defense and/or running game wakes up this could be a really dangerous team, if not, rough seas ahead.

Connor Pelton, Building the Dam: USC. Why I was expecting so much, I do not know. It's Lane Kiffin, after all. But nearly everyone has disappointed so far, and it's tough to see it getting better from here.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles: USC. I don't think anybody expected the offense to look this underwhelming. On a positive note, I don't think anybody expected the defense to look this dominant, either (first in sacks, third in rushing defense, fourth in total defense). The Trojans are 3-1, yes, but not an impressive 3-1, and they really should be 4-0 considering who they've faced so far.