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Pac-12 football 2014 non-conference schedule

The Pac-12 non-conference schedule is pretty much set, let's take an early look!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Pac-12 future schedules

Arizona | ASU | Cal | Colorado | Oregon | Oregon State | Stanford | UCLA | USC | Utah | Washington | Washington State

For a full list of 2014 Pac-12 football schedule opponents for each team!

Thursday, August 28

  • Arizona State vs. Weber State
  • Washington State vs. Rutgers (Seattle)

Saturday, August 30

  • Arizona vs. UNLV
  • Cal at Northwestern
  • Colorado vs. Colorado State (Denver)
  • Oregon vs. South Dakota
  • Oregon State vs. Portland State
  • UCLA at Virginia
  • USC vs. Fresno State
  • Utah vs. Idaho State
  • Washington at Hawaii

Saturday, September 6

  • Arizona at UTSA
  • Arizona State at New Mexico
  • Cal vs. Sacramento State
  • Colorado at UMass (Foxboro)
  • Oregon vs. Wyoming
  • Oregon State at Hawaii
  • UCLA vs. Memphis
  • Utah vs. Fresno State
  • Washington vs. Eastern Washington
  • Washington State at Nevada

Could this actually be Stanford-USC? This early? I doubt it; it's more likely that Stanford will play its third out-of-conference game here (not yet scheduled) and USC has a bye week.

Saturday, September 13

  • Arizona vs. Nevada
  • Oregon vs. Michigan State
  • Stanford vs. Army
  • UCLA vs. Texas (Arlington)
  • USC at Boston College
  • Washington vs. Illinois

Guess Pac-12 play kicks off this week, with Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Oregon State, Utah, Washington State all in play (and probably a few bye weeks as well).

Saturday, September 20

  • Colorado vs. Hawaii
  • Oregon State vs. San Diego State
  • Utah at Michigan
  • Washington vs. Georgia State

Saturday, October 4

  • Stanford at Notre Dame

Saturday, November 8

  • Arizona State vs. Notre Dame

Saturday, November 29

  • Cal vs. BYU
  • USC vs. Notre Dame

Rivalry week: Washington-Washington State, Oregon-Oregon State, Arizona-Arizona State, and Colorado-Utah are probably happening. Stanford-UCLA is also in play, but they could also have bye weeks too.