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NFL Mock Draft 2014: Anthony Barr to Falcons, Marqise Lee to Steelers, David Yankey to Browns

The Pac-12 again has good early representation in the first round.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest NFL Mock Draft by DraftTek, we have four Pac-12 players landing in the first round! Pretty solid figures.

6. Anthony Barr to the Atlanta Falcons. Oh did Atlanta's defense regress last season. The Falcons had no pass rush last season. There was absolutely no signs of life in big games. What Atlanta could use this year is a major upgrade with a big player, and Barr seems to fit the bill.

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15. Marqise Lee to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Lee and Pittsburgh just seem like a perfect match. The Steelers need a gameplay wide receiver to ensure Ben Roethlisberger finishes up his career with a dynamic weapon. This is all dependent on what Pittsburgh does this offseason with the free agent wide receivers that they will either sign or let go.

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26. David Yankey to the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland has some of the best offensive linemen in football, but they could definitely get better in terms of opening up the run game and ensure better movement up front. Yankey fits the bill of perfect blocker and could be quite a fit in ensuring no one wants to mess with the Browns in the upcoming seasons.

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32. Xavier Su'a-Filo to the Seattle Seahawks. How do the strong get stronger? By landing one of the top run blockers in the Pac-12. Seattle's run game could sputter on occasion against strong teams, and adding quality depth with Su'a-Filo will pave the way for better offensive performances down the road.

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