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#2 Jim Mora vs. #10 Kyle Whittingham: Vote for the better Pac-12 coach!

For more on UCLA football, go to Bruins Nation. For more on Utah football, check out Block U.

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In a mild first round upset, it was Kyle Whittingham advancing to the next round over Rich Rodriguez.


Next up will be an even stiffer test for Whittingham.

#2 Jim Mora, UCLA Bruins head coach: No one knew what to expect when he took the helm, but Mora has enjoyed immediate success in his time in Westwood. He's gone to one Pac-12 championship game, nearly went to another, and has gone 19-8 in two season so far. The Bruins are poised to be a national title contender this season and are almost assuredly the Pac-12 South title favorites. Their pronounced success in recruiting also should ensure they stay near the top of the radar in conference matchups.

#10 Kyle Whittingham, Utah Utes head coach: Whittingham has had some glory years with the Utes, but it seems the best days could be in the rearview mirror if the trend continues downward. Utah has been constantly falling behind only to lose even further. However, at his best, Whittingham has had some incredible success, including an undefeated season and a Sugar Bowl victory (something he shares with Rich Rod, who won one at West Virginia).

Prediction: This could be another evenly contested matchup. Whittingham has been around awhile so he'll have his fair share of supporters. Mora is a hot name and could be on the minds of many NFL staffs soon enough. This will be one matchup to watch closely. It could go down to the wire.

Voting closes at the end of April 16th!