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Pac-12 Media Day, Arizona edition: Rich Rodriguez wants to be on vacation


Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

How did Rich Rodriguez's speech go? It went on like someone who wished he could take a day off, so he decided to treat Pac-12 Media Day like it was his own personal bachelor party.

Introduction: "I could tell you how excited I am to be here like every other coach, but I'd be lying. I'd rather still be on vacation." Credit: Steven Godfrey.

On new facilities in the Pac-12: "Everybody has new stuff. Oregon changes it out like Port-a-Potties. Every 4-5 years, gotta have a new one." Credit: Greg Beacham.

Skill positions in the Pac-12: "At the skill positions, the Pac-12 is second to none at QB, RB, and WR." Credit: Evan Budrovich.

He especially likes the WR position at his school: "We'll be deeper at receiver than any place I've ever been. We'll have 7 or 8 guys that can contribute." He also singles out Austin Hill as being a candidate for being one of the top wide receivers in the country.  Credit: Pac-12.

On starting QB: "Even if I knew the starting QB, I wouldn't tell ya'll." Credit: Reign of Troy.

Then things got weird.