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Pac-12 football picks, Week 3: Utah players go nuts for a helmet

Utah players are weird, Arizona copies A&M, Grover breaks down game film of Texas, and more!

The Zona Zoo, probably copying their flag waving from a Serie A team's fans
The Zona Zoo, probably copying their flag waving from a Serie A team's fans
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 should take a page out of USC and UCLA's book and stop scheduling FCS opponents. It's not a win-win situation for anybody. Cal is 2-0, but no one cares because they demolished Sacramento State. On the other hand, Washington gave up 52 points to a directional school. At the very least, let's stop scheduling Eastern Washington.

Game Picks

Last week: 4-5-0
Season: 10-11-0
Home team in CAPS.

Saturday, 13 August, 11:00 AM PDT
Wyoming (+43) over OREGON

1:00 PM PDT
WASHINGTON (-13.5) over Illinois

2:00 PM PDT
STANFORD (-28) over Army

5:00 PM PDT
Portland State @ WASHINGTON STATE (no line available)

  • Let's also agree as a conference to stop playing Portland State.

BOSTON COLLEGE (+17) over Southern California

University of California, Los Angeles (-7.5) over TEXAS

  • Hopefully coach Jim Mora brings in Sesame Street's Grover to break down the keys to beating Texas this Saturday. Seems like a simple game plan:

7:00 PM PDT
Arizona State (-15.5) over COLORADO

  • Remember when ASU was going to hire June Jones instead of CTG?
  • Colorado still has a shot!

8:00 PM PDT
Nevada (-15.5) over ARIZONA

California: IDLE

Oregon State: IDLE

Utah: IDLE

  • Here is the Utah football team getting insanely excited over... a white helmet? That's what they're yelling about? It's cool, I guess, but they just slapped a Utah decal on a white helmet instead of a red one.