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Travis Wilson, Luke Falk & Cyler Miles: Ranking returning Pac-12 quarterbacks #9 to #7

Which returning starter has to improve the most?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

9. Cyler Miles, Washington Huskies

Avinash Kunnath: Probably the one person on the list who is in the greatest danger of losing his job. Miles was semi-competent (if not below average) much of the season, but his offensive issues wasted so many good performances by the Washington defense. The UW offense was really bad, and it's a credit to the Husky playmakers on the other side of the football that they got to eight wins.  Miles will be fighting hard to keep his job this spring.

Jack Follman: When I make my perpetual argument that college quarterback stats do not really mean that much, Miles is a great example. His stats are actually pretty good, but he was a serious liability for Washington in almost every one of their challenging games in 2014 and even when he was doing well, it seemed like he was on the edge of disaster.

Bill Stenlund: As a Husky-hater I really wanted to put him last, but upon review of the numbers he jumped up some (at least I'm honest). He completed 66% of his passes for 7.29 yards per pass, which is not horrible. But he only threw for 184 ypg, which is. I think the new system messed him up and he will improve.

8. Luke Falk, Washington St. Cougars


Avinash Kunnath: Falk has already shown to be solid enough to scramble around. He is more than happy to throw the football 60 to 70 times a game if needed and can often survive lousy offensive line protection. Falk is going to be an interesting case study for how far the WSU Air Raid can run without Connor Halliday, because he also threw a lot of picks. He did keep the offense moving.

Jack Follman: Falk showed that he could step into the Connor Halliday role and throw for tons of yards, but also throw a good amount of interceptions and not win that many games. What does all of this mean though? I don't really know.

Bill Stenlund: There is a sharp drop-off after Kessler and Solomon, but Falk put up 464 yards per game as a freshman on a crappy WSU team. He's played in limited games, but those numbers don't lie.

7. Travis Wilson, Utah Utes

Travis Wilson: It's a credit to Kyle Whittingham that he won as many games as he did with Wilson. The ingredients for Utah success: Devante Booker came alive, the Utah defense was extra salty, and Wilson had his one great moment against USC. His biggest credit is not turning the football over, which ensures the Utes don't kill themselves offensively.

Jack Follman: Crazy to think that this will already by Wilson's final year as a Ute. He has all the tools, but he just can't seem to reign them in. I would not be surprised if he puts it together in 2015 though.

Bill Stenlund: I don't get why people think he's so good. He's had multiple years of experience and still only completes 61% of his passes for 166 (WHAT?!?!) yards a game. WSU and Cal put that up in the first three minutes of a game.