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Cody Kessler, Jared Goff, Kevin Hogan: Ranking returning Pac-12 quarterbacks #3 to #1

Where do they rank?

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3. Kevin Hogan, Stanford Cardinal

Rule of Tree

Avinash Kunnath: Yeah, he struggled up and down for most of the year, but he turned it on at the end of the season with DYNAMITE performances. He destroyed a good UCLA team and whipped Maryland. If he plays like that next season, a middling 8-5 Stanford squad can compete for the Pac-12 title. Hogan has the NFL body, the live arm, and is doing a lot of work with pretty average wideouts. He's a wild card in the Pac-12 race next year.

Jack Follman: I guess this is where Hogan belongs. I had given up on him ever turning into the quarterback everyone thinks he can be, but that doesn't mean that he still cannot end up being one of the best quarterbacks in the conference in a down year for QBs in the conference. Even if he remains the same as he was last season, he is a good, not great, QB.

Bill Stenlund: Yes I know they are the mighty Stanford Cardinal. That still doesn't change that Hogan is average at best. We've seen him for years, and he never fails to underwhelm us.

2. Cody Kessler, USC Trojans

Conquest Chronicles

Avinash Kunnath: USC quarterbacks get a bad rap in the pros because they are spoonfed talent--all you need is a live arm and you will complete almost every pass you want to throw. Kessler proved to be super efficient in Sarkisian's up-tempo offense, and whipped USC to nine wins with some outstanding performances. With only JuJu Smith coming back among the main weapons though, Kessler will have to rely a lot on youngsters.

Jack Follman: This is a big step down from last year. As I think the five departing Pac-12 quarterbacks are all better than Kessler, but I expect a big year for him. He has all of the tools to blow up in USC's offense as long as the pieces work around him.

Bill Stenlund (voted Kessler 1st):  Clearly the best in the Pac. Almost 70% completions, 294 ypg, 39 TD's and only 5 INT's. Kessler is going to have a massive year for the Trojans in 2015.

1. Jared Goff, California Golden Bears

California Golden Blogs

Avinash Kunnath: Goff had an outstanding season. He lifted an otherwise mediocre to awful Cal team in every other aspect to a near bowl berth on the very strength of the team's passing attack. It'd be shocking if Goff and the Bears (with improvement at ANY other spot on the board) did not have a good season, and his accuracy, timing, and ability to hit most of the places on the ball would be a primary reason.

Jack Follman: I have really liked Goff since he started tossing the ball in the Bear Raid and I think he is poised for a huge year with the shadows of Mariota and Hundley departing and Cal improving into a bowl team in 2015. I think he might have been the conference's best pure passer last year and I only expect him to cement that status in 2015.

Bill Stenlund: I know everyone else has him as the best but I don't agree. He only completed 62% of his passes last year and didn't win enough games to get to a bowl.