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NFL mock draft 2015: Marcus Mariota to Titans, Leonard Williams to Raiders, Danny Shelton to Bears

Who's going in the top ten from the Pac-12?

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

SB Nation released their latest mock draft, and a few prominent names popped up for the Pac-12. Let's take a look at the players who ended up getting selected in the top ten.

2. The Tennessee Titans select... Marcus Mariota, quarterback, Oregon Ducks

The Titans definitely could use a quarterback of any sort to change the overall trajectory of their team's performance.  If Mariota is on the board, he's definitely the guy they could take here, especially if Jameis Winston goes first. The mobile quarterback really provides the scrambling and pocket presence that could give Tennessee a chance to improve down the line.

4. The Oakland Raiders select... Leonard Williams, defensive end, USC Trojans

The Raiders need to upgrade at pretty much every spot but quarterback, and landing the best pure product on the board might be the best thing they could do for themselves in this draft. Williams is the player most likely to have a long and prosperous career, as he's set to be a steady and starting defensive lineman on any team with a patch needing to be filled at the position.

7. The Chicago Bears select... Danny Shelton, defensive tackle, Washington Huskies

The Bears defense wasn't quite as good as it's been in previous years, so Chicago could look for someone to improve the run defense immediately. Shelton is a player who could definitely fill in that need if he does it correctly.