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Ted Robinson suspended two weeks from Pac-12 Networks for victim blaming Janay Rice

Of course it was two weeks. But wait until the video comes out!


Sports media is strangely forgiving when it comes to misogyny. Ted Robinson is the latest example of such tomfoolery. Robinson will be suspended a mere two weeks for basically calling Janay Rice a pathetic individual for returning to Ray Rice, and partly blaming her for some of the crimes that her husband would eventually commit against her.

Tweets via Deadspin and LOLKNBR.

The irony is rich. Robinson is supposed to be one of the best in the business in sports media, and yet here he is getting a soapbox to sound off on his misogynistic beliefs about how he believes all battered women are weak-willed and foolish. All he will get for this is a two week suspension (oh the irony) and some sensitivity training. Man oh man he's learned his lesson!

Moreover, it does bring to light some troubling feelings I have about how some men in the sports media world look at women, and that some men are allowed to occasionally voice those feelings while getting said slaps on the wrist ... and yet still get the chance to continue working despite being able to play the "victim blaming" card. It really isn't a good look.

Talent people, there are plenty of non-misogynists out there who want to work in sports media. GIVE THEM A DAMN CHANCE.

(Imagine if he'd done something really bad, like smoke pot in the press box! Gotta be at least two months for that sort of thing, don't you think?).

Robinson was also suspended by the 49ers.

Here is the release from the Pac-12.

Pac-12 Networks has suspended veteran broadcaster Ted Robinson for insensitive comments he made on Bay Area radio station KNBR earlier this week. Robinson will not call any Pac-12 games for the next two weeks and will undergo sensitivity training.

Robinson made the comments on Monday in a discussion with Tom Tolbert about the ongoing Ray Rice domestic violence matter.

"Ted's commentary on Monday was entirely unacceptable and stands in stark contrast to the core values of Pac-12 Networks," said Pac-12 Networks President Lydia Murphy-Stephans. "We value Ted as a member of our team, but see this as an important learning opportunity as we work with him through sensitivity training before welcoming him back to our air."

"I want to unconditionally apologize for my comments the other day," said Robinson. "As a professional communicator, I am responsible for my words. My choice of words was careless and does not reflect my true feelings about domestic violence. I understand that the cycle of abuse keeps people in unhealthy relationships. No blame or responsibility should ever be placed on a victim."