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Stephen Domingo Recruiting Profile

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High school and location: St. Ignatius; San Francisco, CA

Schools considering: Arizona, Washington, Cal, Stanford, SDSU, Georgetown, Harvard, Louisville have offers out

Rankings: 28th in ESPNU Super 60, 29th in Rivals 150, 54th in Scout 100, 16th in Top247

Position: Shooting guard

Measurables: 6-6 and 180 pounds.

Attributes: Domingo has one elite skill: His jump shot. Domingo possesses a sharp shooting stroke that allows him to hit buckets from whereever he wants to on the court. Domingo has unlimited range and can hit it from almost anywhere. Domingo has a high quick release that allows him to get buckets off against good contests. Domingo doesn't possess amazing athletic ability, but his elite shooting ability should give him a chance to contribute immediately early on in his career. He can stretch the floor against defenses and really force them to account for what he can produce from the outside.

Video Highlights: