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Jim Harbaugh watched traffic cops for 30 minutes at Stanford to learn their secrets

Jim...was an odd fellow.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

This Jim Harbaugh profile from Bleacher Report is full of wonderful Stanford anecdotes. Well worth a read.

The fun Stanford pieces are what we're concerned about. What are some of the craziest stories?

  • There's the time before the Orange Bowl that Frank Beamer corrected Jim that he was playing Virginia Tech instead of Georgia Tech (when Jim had been calling Frank's school Georgia Tech a half dozen times), and Harbaugh totally flipping the script and saying that he'd tell his players that Beamer called Stanford "Samford."
  • He drank a glass of whole milk at meetings. Claims it gave him strength. He also bickered with the program on recruiting admissions for Stanford--the Cardinal would eventually lower them.
  • He would stop to watch traffic cops on their way to work. When a light was out he'd watch them for half an hour and admire their excellent at executing their traffic responsibilities.

It's a really informative piece on Harbaugh. Basically, that he hasn't changed at all in how weird he is.