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UCLA Football: Brett Hundley, Johnathan Franklin Key Bruins Offense To Big Road Win

Brett Hundley, Johnathan Franklin, and the UCLA Bruins offense marched up and down the field to beat the Arizona State Sun Devils.


What do you believe was the biggest key to victory in terms of UCLA pulling out the win in Tempe?

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: Brett Hundley, Brett Hundley and Brett Hundley. The fumbled punt and 14-0 deficit could have doomed the Bruins (similar things have in past years). When the defense went MIA for a large part of the second half, that could have done the Bruins in, too. Meanwhile, Johnathan Franklin can only get so many touches per game (he still should get more) and for four quarters.

So while everything else was off and on, the Bruins had to lean on Hundley, who played great. It's not really a surprise anymore when he's good, despite his being a freshman, but there was one thing we didn't know -- could he lead a late game-winning drive? Now we know, yes.

gbruin, Bruins Nation: The biggest key was our efficiency and consistency of the offense. When the Bruins got in a quick 14-0 hole, there was no panic, as we have seen in years past. Our offense found plays that worked, especially feeding RB Johnathan Franklin, and stuck with them through the day. It got the Bruins back in the game quickly (it was tied by the end of the 1st quarter), let the offense keep pace with ASU, and gave them confidence to execute that game winning drive.

Punting Is Winning: I think the biggest factor was me and my Greek god-like jaw line. The second biggest factor was probably Noel Mazzone's offense that allowed UCLA to not only stay in the game where the scores were coming at a blazing pace, but to actually have the lead for the majority of the second half. I mean just look at the final drive, pass to Steven Manfro, run by Johnathan Franklin, pass to Damien Thigpen, pass to Shaquille Evans, pass to Joe Fauria, and finally a run up the middle by Franklin again in setting up a short field goal on the middle of the field. All within a 90 second timeline with only one timeout remaining. Getting the ball to our play makers in space, who would have thought that would have worked? Just a thing of beauty, all made possible by Mazzone's spread offense.