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UCLA Basketball: Ben Howland Standing On The Precipice

Where does Ben Howland go from here for the UCLA Bruins? Is this the end?


Ben Howland: Respirator? Or plug been pulled?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Respirator, he has the rest of the season to prove something, and by something I mean at least a Sweet 16 run. He has a one-year window with Muhammad and maybe Anderson and Adams and if he can't make something happen now, when will he ever again?

Jack Blanchat, Rule of Tree: Respirator. UCLA fans aren't happy, but he's still got time. April and March will decide his fate.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: Lots of UCLA fans and media would already have him gone, but they would have the AD Dan Guerrero gone long ago too. However, they don't make the decision. If the Bruins make it to the NCAAs, I don't think he will be gone unless he chooses to walk away before someone sets his home, car, or office on fire. You would think if UCLA falls short of the NCAAs, the pressure may become too much for even Guerrero to ignore.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops: I'll be the contrarian voice and say that the plug has been pulled. I think what we're seeing is about as good as he's capable of producing at UCLA now which is ultimately a pretty good product but nothing startlingly dynamic. I mean, they're 16-6 in an OK Pac-12 with their best player scheduled to depart and no incumbent point guard. The Wear family isn't about to erupt into much more than they're giving you today and UCLA just doesn't have the vibe of a program. They're running it season by season. Unsustainable and all parties would be best suited in new beginnings.

Norcalnick, California Golden Blogs: During his time as athletic director, Dan Guererro has been nothing if not consistent. He has given past head football and basketball coaches every opportunity to succeed, even if the majority of UCLA's fanbase has given up hope ages ago. I fully expect Howland to serve out the year as UCLA's head coach, and if he makes the NCAA tournament and wins a game or two I would be very mildly surprised if he isn't brought back. Even if it means that he's going to have to try to win with a broken roster of his own making in 2013-14.