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UCLA Bruins football schedule: Ranking opponents from easiest to hardest

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12. at UNLV (September 12): UNLV is just a bad, bad mid-major squad. This is UCLA's surest win that they might end up agonizing over in the 4th quarter.

11. Colorado (October 31):
The Buffs proved they could play with the Bruins last season, so this could be a potential upset game if they're not careful.

10. at Oregon State (November 7)
: UCLA will be happy to downgrade from Oregon to Oregon State this year. The Bruins should have more than enough talent to get through this one.

9. Washington State (November 14): The Cougars will look to get that offense really going. But will they be able to stop the Bruin attack?

8. Virginia (September 5): The Cavaliers played the Bruins really stiffly on the East Coast, but I suspect things will be a bit harsher on the other side of the world.

7. BYU (September 19):
The Cougars always tend to be a competent team every season, and they've given UCLA trouble in previous encounters. It's been awhile though.

6. Cal (Thursday, October 22):
Cal and UCLA played pretty closely before the Bruins eventually pulled it off last season. Expect another wild matchup in the Rose Bowl.

5. at Arizona (September 26)
: The Bruins tend to pummel Arizona either offensively or defensively or both the last few seasons. Can Arizona finally muster up enough line talent to push forward?

4. Arizona State (October 3):
ASU and UCLA have had their share of close calls at full health. Could the Sun Devils push the Bruins yet again if they have all hands on deck?

3. at Utah (November 21): UCLA has played several stiff matchups against the Utes the past few years. It's been a pretty difficult game every season, and it shouldn't get easier in Salt Lake City.

2. at USC (November 28): Jim Mora's probably most impressive stat in his three year stint in UCLA is sweeping the Trojans. It might be hard to get four in a row with a new quarterback, but we'll see what their ceiling is by the end of the year.

1. at Stanford (Thursday, October 15):
UCLA has not beaten Stanford in the David Shaw era. The Bruins have struggled for a long time against the Cardinal, with no win coming this decade. Can they change things this season?