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Utah Utes Football: A Look Back At A Disappointing 2012

Utah Utes head coach Kyle Whittingham had a tough season, as did Star Lotulelei, Reggie Dunn and John White IV despite their solid performances.


Give us your assessment of Kyle Whittingham's job performance this season.

Sean Reynolds, Block U: Not very good. This team was picked to finish second in the Pac-12 and they needed a comeback to finish fifth. This was by far his most disappointing coaching job of the season.

Who were your top performers on offense, defense and special teams this season and why?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: John White IV on offense, no doubt - on defense? Probably Star Lotulelei. Reggie Dunn, the Return Machine, certainly was the Utes' best special teams player.

How confident are you on the outlook of Utah football going into next year?

Sean Reynolds, Block U: Not very. We'll see, though. After this year, I think it's best to just take a wait and see approach with the program. Hopefully they can make a bowl game next year and pick up at least one decent conference win ... something that's eluded them the last two seasons.