Oregon State Football: Most Impressive Pac-12 Team Of The Week For BYU Win

George Frey - Getty Images

Mike Riley, Cody Vaz, Storm Woods and the Oregon State Beavers rolled into Provo and undressed the BYU Cougars. Oregon St. is now ranked as a top ten team in the majority of polls.

Avinash Kunnath, California Golden Blogs (Cal) & Pacific Takes: Oregon State. Perfect performance in a game the Beavers needed, and Cody Vaz was well-prepped to deliver in lieu of Sean Mannion today. One impressive performance after another for the Beavers.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Definitely Oregon State. I think a lot of people immediately buried them when they heard Sean Mannion was out and then they went out and scored the most points they have this season. Between the altitude, crowd and the fact that you are playing a lot of guys who are 25 plus, Provo is never an easy place to win and the Beavers put it away comfortably in the fourth quarter.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles (USC): I'll have to go with Oregon State, too. Coming into the game, BYU ranked third in scoring defense and fifth in overall defense. But the Beavers put up 450 yards of total offense and 42 points, and essentially ran away with the game in the fourth quarter. They also picked off BYU quarterback Riley Nelson three times. Overall, a great performance from Oregon State on both sides of the ball.

Justin Karp, Bold Saguaros (ASU) and Pacific Takes: There's no argument for anyone other than Oregon State. To win decisively in a historically hostile environment for road teams, let alone without your starting quarterback, is an impressive feat. But since we're speaking of a second stringer at QB, the Beavers did nothing but shred a top-5 defense in their own house, then shut down Riley Nelson. Mike Riley...man...he is the man.

Adam Butler, Pachoops and Pacific Takes (Arizona): That one played out like a mid-season, dog days of summer, kind of weekend. A whole lot of as-they-should-ish play. Oregon State was the one team that rose to the greatest challenge - albeit non-conference related - and showed that they'll be A-OK sans Mannion. What's more, they asserted themeselves on the defensive side of the ball, on the road, glowing review, glowing review, glowing review.

Josh Schlichter, FishDuck (Oregon) and Pacific Takes: As you can see above, it's a general consensus that Oregon State earns bragging rights this week. Although BYU wasn't exactly a premier test for the Beavers this season, a Mannion-less Oregon State did exactly what was needed of them in a tough environment. Few PAC-12 teams can say the same when it comes to big road wins, so kudos to the Beavers this week.

Sean Reynolds, Block U (Utah): Oregon State. I was sold on the BYU defense and the Beavers pretty much had their way with the unit for much of the game. Provo is never an easy place to play, and to win like that, without their starting quarterback, is pretty impressive.

Ute Football Central (Utah): Hands down Oregon State! I'm a "Beaver Believer" after seeing them take control and then dominate in Provo, which is not an easy place to play, especially with perhaps the best defense the Cougars have had in their history. I think it's safe to say that without Mannion, many believed (including Vegas) that BYU had the advantage, but Cody Vaz was fantastic and his accuracy looked more like a 5 game starter than someone seeing their first action in the middle of the season. I expect the Beavs will keep it rolling against Utah this week despite my fleeting hope for a Utah victory.

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree (Stanford): Oregon State. The Beavers went into Provo with a QB making his first career start and dropped 42 points on a team that that allowed 10 total points in its previous three games. I didn't think the Beavers were getting enough respect as 5.5-point dogs, but I didn't expect them to route the Cougars.

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