Pac-12 Basketball Tournament Picks: Arizona, UCLA, Oregon The Favorites?


It feels as if anyone can win the Pac-12 tournament this season.

Who is your pick to win the Pac-12 Tournament?

Jack Blanchat, Rule of Tree: I think Arizona is the pick. Although the second half of their season wasn't the best thing ever, UCLA seems vulnerable and Arizona is the team best equipped to beat the Bruins.

Parker Baruh, Ralphie Report: I'm picking UCLA to win the Pac-12 Tournament. They have the most talented team in the Pac-12 and with Shabazz Muhammad and Larry Drew II leading the way, they'll be the last team standing in Vegas.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes
: I can't confidently pick anyone, but I will go with UCLA. I have a feeling Shabazz Muhammad might really turn it on during the tournament, they have the easiest path and they are probably the best overall team in the conference.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam:
I wouldn't trust any team to play to play to their potential, since none of the top 5 did in the last 2 weekends, and all of them had everything to play for in games they kicked away, sometimes badly.

I like Oregon to win it all, though, and its because of matchups. The Ducks won't face Colorado, whom they don't match up well at all against, unless its in the final game, and I don't see the Buffs getting by both Arizona and UCLA. And while California beat Oregon both times they met in the regular season, somehow I feel the third time will be the charm for the Ducks offensively against the Bears.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: This has been a crazy conference all season--just look at the last week, where Oregon went 0-2 and Washington State went 2-0. Anybody who tells you they even have a decent inclination on this is lying.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops: We've been waiting awhile for the Arizona Wildcats to piece things together. Is this the time? It's pretty clear that this group is full of questions but the answers to those questions - if answered in the affirmative which is to say "yes" they're better than their Pac-12 record - demonstrates the greatest upside of all the teams.

Norcalnick, California Golden Blogs:
If any one team has more than a 15% chance to win the conference tournament, I'd be surprised. These teams are all so absurdly evenly matched that picking one team is a fool's errand. And yet on we must go.

Cal, I think has the most favorable side of the bracket. Their probable 1st opponent is either bad (Utah) or under criminal investigation (USC). Their probable 2nd opponent (Oregon) is a team that Monty has literally never lost to at Cal. But Monty and the Bears have rarely fared well in the conference tournament, so whatever advantage they might have may be negated in that light.

I would love Colorado as a pick if they were on the other side of the bracket, and I would've been intrigued by USC if they weren't busy getting into alleged street fights. Instead, I'll be boring and double down on my Wildcats championship prediction. Don't disappoint me a 2nd time, Arizona!

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