2013 Pac-12 Basketball Recruiting Board

College basketball will have a lot of prominent names in the 2013 class. Here are the needs for each school.

Arizona: Point guard to make up for the loss of Josiah Turner. Perhaps a wing player too.

Arizona State: Pot of gold.

Cal: Most likely a big man or two (definitely a low post presence), and an elite wing talent.

Colorado: Point guard, maybe a true center

Oregon: The coffers must refilled.

Oregon State: Every position will need replenishing. A point guard and a wing are priorities.

Stanford: Wings y'all.

UCLA: Shabazz Muhammad is probably the number one pick next year, so most likely another wing. A true point guard couldn't hurt.

USC: Offense would be nice for the Trojans.

Utah: They might need two recruiting classes.

Washington: Elite talent. Huskies need a strong recruiting class back to the top of the conference.

Washington State: Cougars have to get good players to fill in their depth.

Here are the lists of players who are likely or probable to be heavily involved in the Pac-12 recruiting process.

Name Hometown Measurements Stars Pac-12 Offers
Aaron Gordon San Jose, CA 6'7", 195 5 Washington, Arizona, Stanford
Isaac Hamilton Los Angeles, CA 6'4", 170 4 Arizona, Colorado, USC, UCLA, UW
Jabari Bird Richmond, CA 6'5", 175 4 Arizona, Cal, Colorado, Oregon, UW
Stephen Domingo San Francisco, CA 6'6", 180 4 Georgetown
Nigel Williams-Goss Henderson, NV 6'4", 180 4 UA/ASU/UO/OSU/UW/WSU/UCLA
Jordan Bell Long Beach, CA 6'7", 205 4 Oregon, USC, UW
Tyree Robinson San Diego, CA 6'4", 195 4 Arizona/ASU/Oregon/Washington
Roschon Prince Long Beach, CA 6'5", 190 4 Arizona, ASU, UCLA, USC
Jahmel Taylor Chatsworth, CA 6'0", 165 4 Colorado, USC, WSU
Paul Watson Phoenix, AZ 6'6", 175 4 ASU, Colorado,OSU
Tyrell Robinson San Diego, CA 6'4", 185 3 ASU, Oregon, USC, UW
Dakarai Allen Sacramento, CA 6'6", 172 3 USC, Colorado, OSU
L.J. Westbrook Salem, OR 6'3", 175 3 Oregon State
Zach LaVine Bothell, WA 6'3", 150 3 UA, Cal, CU, UCLA, USC, Utah, UW
Xavier Rathan-Mayes Toronto, WV 6'2", 175 3 Arizona, Oregon, USC, UW
Ikenna Ireogbu Elk Grove, CA 6'0", 180 3 Arizona, USC, WSU
Torren Jones Chandler, AZ 6'7", 200 3 Arizona, USC
Chance Murray Los Angeles, CA 6'3", 180 3 ASU, Cal, UCLA, USC, UW, WSU
Jahmel Taylor Chatsworth, CA 5'11", 160 3 Colorado, Oregon, USC, WSU
Marcus Lee Antioch, CA 6'8", 200 3 Arizona, ASU, WSU, UCLA
Kameron Rooks San Marcos, CA 6'11", 270 3 Oregon State
London Perrantes Encino, CA 6'0", 155 3 ASU, USC
Jaron Hopkins Chandler, AZ 6'4",180 3 Colorado, WSU
Maurice Kirby San Tan Valley, AZ 6'8", 215 3 ASU
Elliott Pitts Dublin, CA 6'5", 185 3 ASU, Cal
Calvin Hermanson Lake Oswego, OR 6'5", 185 3 OSU, Utah
Aubrey Dawkins Palo Alto, CA 6'2", 175 3 (Son of Johnny Dawkins)
Brandon Randolph Playa del Rey, CA 6'0", 190 3 Open
Alessandro Alberto Woodland Hills, CA 6'3", 170 3 Open
Darien Williams Cerritos, CA 6'7", 210 3 Open
Jordan Wilson Los Angeles, CA 5'8", 150 3 Open
Brandon Randolph Playa del Rey, CA 6'0", 190 3 Open
Alessandro Alberto Woodland Hills, CA 6'3", 170 3 Open
Joe Boyd Scottsdale, AZ 6'8", 210 3 Open
Marcus Jackson Los Angeles, CA 6'2", 165 3 Open
Cheikh Ndiaye San Diego, CA 7'0", 225 3 Open
Michael Garcia Playa Del Rey, CA 6'3", 165 2 Open
Brynton Lemar San Diego, CA 6'3", 180 2 Open
Jamal Aytes San Juan Cap, CA 6'6", 215 2 Open
Drew Bender Phoenix, AZ 6'4", 190 2 Open

Here are players less likely to be involved in the Pac-12 recruiting process, but do have Pac-12 offers extended.

Name Hometown Measurements Stars Pac-12 Offers
Jabari Parker Chicago, IL 6'7", 215 5 Washington, Utah
Elijah Brown Santa Ana, CA 6'3", 185 4 No offers
Devin Williams Cincinnati, OH 6'8", 250 4 UCLA/USC
Solomon Poole Jacksonville, FL 6'1", 180 5 UCLA
Keith Frazer Dallas, TX 6'5", 185 4 Arizona, UCLA
BeeJay Anya Hyattsville, MD 6'8", 250 4 UCLA
Tyler Ennis Newark, NJ 6'2", 180 4 Arizona/Oregon State
Semi Ojeleye Ottawa, KS 6'6", 215 4 UCLA
Josh Newkirk Raleigh, NC 6'0", 165 4 Arizona
Jordan Washington Queens, NY 6'8", 225 4 Oregon State
Brian Bridgewater Baton Rouge, LA 6'6", 220 3 Arizona
Kyle Washington Champlin, CT 6'9", 195 3 Washington
Darryl Hicks Louisville, KY 6'3", 185 3 Arizona
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