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NFL mock draft 2014: Xavier Su’a-Filo to Giants, Anthony Barr to Cardinals, Marqise Lee to Eagles

Which Pac-12ers will get drafted in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Pre-combine, we still don't have a clear picture as to what players are really going to stand out to NFL scouts. Here is the latest mock draft by SB

12th pick: Xavier Su'a Filo is the first Pac-12 player selected, going to the New York Giants. Su'a-Filo is one of those offensive guards who fits the prototype as someone who could be functional and be able to plug in a Giants offensive line that struggled mightily last season.

Xavier Su'a-Filo is built in the mold of the guards who were drafted high in the first round a year ago. He has plenty of functional strength at the point of attack, gets to the second level of the defense in a hurry and is coordinated enough on the move to make blocks in space. The Giants need offensive line help, and while Su'a-Filo isn't a sexy pick, he would be a good one.

20th pick: Anthony Barr goes next, giving the Bruins two Pac-12 picks in the first round. Barr goes to the Arizona Cardinals to help improve an already imposing defense in the NFC West. Barr would have to love this situation, ending up on a team that is ready to go.

Here is where the fall of Anthony Barr ends. Yes, Barr is long and fast, two nice qualities for a pass rusher to have. He was also a productive player in college. He doesn't make sense for most teams between picks 10 and 20, and he's a bit of a flawed player. He doesn't have many pass-rush moves and tends to miss tackles in space. There is some room to grow, but is he developed enough to warrant a top-10 pick? Maybe not. Barr does make sense for the Cardinals at 20, though. They need pass rushers for their 3-4 defense, and Barr is worth the risk at this point.

22nd pick: Marqise Lee gets selected by the Philadelphia Eagles. Wouldn't Lee love this set-up, mixing up with the Chip Kelly offense and being paired with the dynamic Desean Jackson? How strong would Philadelphia's offense be in the coming seasons with those two being the playmakers on the outside?

If Jeremy Maclin leaves in free agency, the Eagles will need to find a receiver early in the draft. Marqise Lee wasn't great in 2013, but he battled injuries and still flashed playmaking ability, on deep routes and after the catch. He's worth a late first-round pick.