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ASU sports updates: New Sun Devil football uniforms, Jahii Carson, other quick hits

Stuck in a cubicle? No attention span? Too much homework? Don't fret Devils! Here's your weekly quick read on all things Arizona State.

Ralph Freso

Getting into the big news of the week, Nike went back to the well to pull these copper classics out of their backroom storage racks. I'm no Uniwatch, but I'm pretty sure white & copper helmets don't match an all anthracite (or dark grey if classic Crayola is more your style) uni/pants combo. Oh and if this whole copper theme seems familiar, it should. That other college football team in Arizona (no, not you Lumberjacks) wore the same theme uni's last year... against us. Put aside the fact the uniforms are amazingly ugly and that basically Nike gave us a Northern Mexico hammy down gimmick, is Arizona's copper production so spectacular we need to have it immortalized in our state university alternate uniforms? I would have been cool with an O.K. Corral gimmick; just some food for thought Mr. Knight.

TK10 and Jamil shouldn't be a surprise in the least bit; both went to media day, both are battle-tested talents, and both are arguably the best player on CTG's offense. While it looks like CTG has pegged Damarious to lead this rendition of the Sun Devil defense, De'Marieya's nomination comes as somewhat of wild card. For those football conspiracy theorists (the Super Bowl black out was planned) like myself, maybe Coach Todd Graham is hinting something. Maybe he named Nelson as his second defensive captain. Maybe this means he will become a Terrell Suggs/Zach Miller hybrid combo and dominate the PAC-12. Or maybe he's just a vocal, respected team leader and CTG made an educated choice? Yeah, that's probably it.

Yeesh, how the mighty have fallen. From a surefire first round talent to undrafted, I'm glad to see Jahii land on his feet somewhere in professional basketball. With explosive speed and the ability to jump out of the gym, Carson never seemed to hone his point guard talents during his time in Tempe. Maybe a couple years in international ball and the pint-sized wonder scores an extended stint with a D-League team. The guy gave us the biggest win in our program history and revitalized Sun Devil basketball around the Valley; I think I speak for everyone when I say we wish you the best Jahii.

And last but not least, the ASU Twitterverse managed to leak the first official photo of the 2014-2015 ASU Men's Basketball team...

Have a great weekend everyone!