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Pacific Takes Pac-12-focused Top 25 9/21: Oregon rises into Top 5

Half of the Pac-12 is in our Top 20.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ohio State 3-0

2. Mississippi 3-0

3. Michigan State 3-0

4. Oregon 2-1

Yes, the Ducks' best win is a loss at Michigan State, but no one else has really proved much this year either and I trust them a lot more than teams like Baylor, TCU and Georgia right now. I have a feeling they are going to roll for the next month or so in the Pac-12.

5. TCU 3-0

6. Baylor 2-0

7. Georgia 3-0

8. LSU 2-0

9. Florida State 3-0

10. Oklahoma 3-0

11. Alabama 2-1

12. UCLA 3-0

Eh, I lost a lot of confidence in Josh Rosen and the Bruins in their scary win over BYU. They still feel like the same team to me that just doesn't quite live up to its potential and stumbles against very good Pac-12 teams not named USC.

13. Clemson 3-0

14. Notre Dame 3-0

15. Northwestern 3-0

16. Stanford 2-1

What a complete turnaround by Stanford. With one win, the Cardinal suddenly look like a major Pac-12 title contender and a threat to Oregon in the North.

17. USC 2-1

Oh Trojans, oh Trojans. The season seems ruined just three weeks again. The Trojans remain ranked, but their defense looked atrocious against Stanford and they have to bounce back in a big way this week against Arizona State to avoid a disastrous start.

18. Texas A&M 3-0

19. Utah 3-0

The Utes held strong in a fairly tough non-conference slate and really deserve their Top 20 spot. Their reward? A road trip to Eugene to play the best team in the Pac-12. Woo hoo!

20. Arizona 3-0

Arizona is 3-0 but played by far the weakest non-conference slate in the Pac-12, so we still don't know much of anything about them. That will change this Saturday when they host UCLA.

21. Mississippi State 2-1

22. Georgia Tech 2-1

23. BYU 2-1

24. Oklahoma State 3-0

25. Florida 3-0