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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 9/22: Stanford back near the top in the North

Each week we ask Pac-12 fans to vote in our Pac-12 power rankings.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. Oregon 2-1 (#1 last week) The Ducks held strong at the top with a gimme game against Georgia State, but the North looks a lot tougher after nice wins from Stanford, Cal and Washington.

2. Stanford 2-1 1-0 (#3 last week) The Cardinal silenced a lot of doubters and got the jump on the Bears in the North with their impressive offensive win at USC. They still look to be a major contender in the North.

3. Cal 3-0 (#2 last week) Cal got a huge (albeit scary) win at Texas but still got bumped by Stanford's win over USC. However, I feel like Pac-12 fans can finally trust the Bears after a sweep of their non-conference slate.

4. Washington 2-1 (#4 last week) The Huskies proved that they are not going to fall off a cliff by handling Utah State well. Now they have to fight with Cal for the third spot in the North.

5. Oregon State 2-1 (#6 last week) The Beavers struggled with San Jose State, but the Cougars did them worse by struggling with Wyoming.

6. Washington State 2-1 (#5 last week) The Cougars struggled against a really, really bad Wyoming team and that is not a good sign going into Pac-12 play.


1. UCLA 3-0 (#1 last week) The Bruins held onto their top spot, but they look a lot more shaky after nearly losing to BYU at home with Josh Rosen struggling. The South is wide open.

2. Arizona 3-0 (#4 last week) The Wildcats are 3-0, but haven't really proven anything. Hosting UCLA this week will finally give a picture of how the Wildcats will compete in the Pac-12 in 2015.

3. Utah 3-0 (#3 last week) Utah put together a nice non-conference performance and Pac-12 fans have recognized. They look steady heading into Pac-12 play.

4. USC 2-1 0-1 (#2 last week) Ouch. The Trojans fell hard on their face against Stanford. Their defense got shredded by maybe the most questionable offense in the conference.

5. Arizona State 2-1 (#5 last week) A lot of doubt around Arizona State heading into Pac-12 play. They didn't look good at all in non-conference.

6. Colorado 2-1 (#6 last week) Colorado scored a huge, huge win for the program coming back against Colorado State. The Buffs couldn't afford to start out 1-2 and lose again to their rival.