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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/5: Two Pac-12 teams drop out of top 25

Not a very good week for Pac-12 teams in the Top 25.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Stanford Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Each week during the season, we rank the Top 25 teams nationally and touch on the Pac-12 teams which make the Top 25.

*Note this week, the rankings do not yet include tonight’s Florida State/Mississippi game.

  1. Alabama 1-0

2. Clemson 1-0

3. Florida State 0-0

4. Michigan 1-0

5. Ohio State 1-0

6. Stanford 1-0 - Pac-12’s top dog took care of business in their opener against Kansas State with Christian McCaffrey leading the way.They weren’t particularly impressive, but they didn’t have any struggles which suggests they aren’t still the conference’s only Top 10-level team early in the season and a potential Playoff contender.

7. Houston 1-0

8. Wisconsin 1-0

9. Georgia 1-0

10. Iowa 1-0

11. Mississippi 0-0

12. Michigan State 1-0

13. Texas A&M 1-0

14. Texas 1-0

15. TCU 1-0

16. Washington 1-0 - The Huskies did as much as they could to prove they are legit against an overmatched Rutgers squad. Their defense was air tight, Jake Browning looked like he had progressed, and the big story was the return of big play machine John Ross, who gives their offense a sparked it sorely lacked in 2015.

17. Tennessee 1-0

18. LSU 0-1

19. Notre Dame 0-1

20. Oklahoma 0-1

21. UCLA 0-1 - The Bruins looked sluggish for three quarters in College Station, but rallied enough to where they almost opened the season with a huge road win. I hate punishing teams for losing close road games against big opponents, so I am only dropping the Bruins a few spots.

22. Baylor 1-0

23. North Carolina 0-1

24. Oregon 1-0 - Hard to read too much into a game against a lower FCS opponent, but the Ducks looked similar to the way they did last year in their opener against Eastern Washington. Their offense could move the ball and score at will, but their defense struggled for much of the game and the contest was still within slight striking distance in the fourth quarter. Not a warning flag, but not too encouraging either.

25. Louisville 1-0

On the edge

Miami, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Florida, Boise State