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Arizona Wildcats Pac-12 South title defense off to a shaky but stable start

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Based on the Arizona-Nevada result, how are you feeling about the Wildcats chances to repeat in the Pac-12 South?

Avinash Kunnath: Decent? Arizona's offense looks just as explosive last year, but it took them awhile to break out in Reno. Their defense is a complete hodge podge until Scooby Wright returns. It's all about relying on Nick Wilson to carry the offense and Anu Solomon managing the game. The Wildcats have potential but it feels like they are a step behind the "looking like elite" UCLA and USC squads vying for that South crown.

Sam Barbee: Based on the result, I'd say Arizona is in a good place. Anu Solomon had nine incompletions, 264 yards and two touchdowns, and Nick Wilson had 194 on 21 carries and three scores. And the road win is nice. The Week 4 matchup against UCLA is looming though. We'll know more then.

Roy Stenlund: Arizona is a solid team and explosive on offense, but they aren't repeating in the South this year.

Mark H Schipper: Arizona is good and can score on anybody. They are dangerous in the South and could win the division again, with a couple of breaks, without a doubt. Will be interesting to see Scooby Wright's recovery and how he comes back. He is a true difference maker for that team. I do not think Arizona is the best in assets—I think that's UCLA and USC, in that order, with the Bruins' coaching staff separating the teams. But Arizona can do what they did last season, winning some games, stalking the leaders and hope for a fortunate loss late, from their perspective, to sneak through the wire.

Jack Follman: I feel a little bit better than I did after their underwhelming win against UTSA, but I still think it is highly unlikely, especially with Scooby Wright out for a few more weeks. I don't think their defense will be good enough to win games against the Pac-12's elite and I don't think they will catch the breaks they did last year that got them into the championship.