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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 9/15: Washington State climbs out of North cellar

Each week, we ask Pac-12 fans to rank the conference's teams.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports


1. Oregon 1-1 (#1 last week) - No one punished the Ducks for losing by three at Michigan State. It is going to take a lot to take the Ducks off of this spot with how weak the North looks.

2. Cal 2-0 (#2 last week) - The Bears took care of business against San Diego State and solidified themselves as the North's number two for now. They can lock that up even tighter if they can win at Texas Saturday.

3. Stanford 1-1 (#3 last week) - Stanford got a needed blowout of UCF to show that they are not completely inept on offense. How they perform Saturday at USC will be a good barometer to see how far they have or have not fallen.

4. Washington 1-1 (#4 last week) - Washington didn't turn any heads by blowing out Sacramento State, but they did show that they have some offense up in Seattle and won't struggle with an FCS team the way Oregon State and Washington State did.

5. Washington State 1-1 (#6 last week) - The Cougars bounced back in a big way and showed some life with a road win over Rutgers. They earned the right to jump over Oregon State for at least a week.

6. Oregon State 1-1 (#5 last week) - Losing at Michigan isn't that bad, but the Beavers looked outright putrid on offense.


1. UCLA 2-0 (#1 last week) - The Bruins quietly rolled UNLV the way that they should and narrowly held off USC for the top spot again.

2. USC 2-0 (#2 last week) - Another cupcake blowout for the Trojans. I think everyone is interested to see how the Trojans do against a solid team like Stanford.

3. Utah 2-0 (#3 last week) - Another low-scoring defensive slugfest won at home by Utah keeps them in the top half of the South.

4. Arizona 2-0 (#4 last week) - Arizona hasn't really shown anything yet against bad competition.

5. Arizona State 1-1 (#5 last week) - ASU raised concerns by following up their Texas A&M loss with a close win over Cal Poly.

6. Colorado 1-1 (#6 last week) - Colorado got a good blowout win over UMass, but are still buried in the cellar.