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WSU football and Mike Leach face uncertain, rocky 2015 ahead

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After what you saw from Washington State against Rutgers, how concerned are you about the Mike Leach era in Pullman?

Avinash Kunnath: Concerned, but that's a downgrade from the red alert we were all on last week. The Air Raid is functional again and Luke Falk is ready to go, which means Washington State is ready to score with anyone once more. However, the Cougars have the worst special teams in the country and it nearly cost them a game they should have had locked up. The Pac-12 gauntlet will not be as forgiving.

Roy Stenlund: Washington State, the mystery team. They played a good game against a tough Rutgers team. Their offensive and defensive units were good, but the special teams are a mess. Good news for the Cougars is that the special teams can be fixed, if Leach starts to put more effort into them. They need to put better players on special teams and more time in practice if they want to improve. Even after this win, fans are concerned about Leach's coaching style, but he is staying put at WSU.

Jack Follman: I am still concerned about the Mike Leach era in Pullman even though the Cougars got a great win at Rutgers. It was a big win for the program, but it still doesn't take away a lot of the inexcusable stink of getting beat at home by Portland State. It reminded me a lot of last year how Leach's Cougars had a painful loss at Nevada and then turned around shortly afterward and took Oregon to the wire. Leach's teams lack consistency.

Mark H Schipper: I have no idea what to think about Mike Leach or Wazzu. What do you think?