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Utah football must make do without Travis Wilson starting at Fresno State

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Through two games, does Utah look better, worse or the same as last season? Where do they look better? Where do they look worse?

Avinash Kunnath: The Travis Wilson injury really throws the Utes for a loop. They have proven they can play well with Kendal Thompson but they are an entirely different team with him manning the backfield--decent in the spread but not quite as punishing physically. Losing Hunter Dimick for who knows how long is also not ideal. The Utes are going to have a dangerous trap game in Fresno before they head up to Autzen, but I'd have to say that if Wilson is out for awhile, Utah is going to struggle to match their nine win pace of last year.

Bill Stenlund: Utah looks the same as always, great defense and mediocre offense. They'll be OK, win 8 or 9 games.

Mark Schipper: To me, they look almost exactly the same. Things seem set up for another season shuffling quarterbacks, and rhythms, because of injury. The Utes look rough and tumble at home and we'll see on the road. They're always dangerous because they hit hard and play hard. It's a fact that not a lot of teams are willing to suffer physically for 60 minutes to win, and because of that, Utah always will be a difficult fight. You either show up ready to scrap and hurt and suffer to win against Utah, or you will definitely lose. Sometimes you show up prepared for pain but lose anyway because they have some pretty good athletes. Tough team, in my opinion.

Jack Follman: They look about the same to me overall, but some of that probably has to do with them opening up with two teams that play the same style as them that has allowed them to keep doing their 2014 thing and win. Despite losing a lot of experience and talent, I actually think their secondary has looked a little bit better thus far and obviously their return game and receiving game isn't as good as it was last year without Kaelin Clay.