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Pac-12 basketball standings: Oregon, Utah, Cal the top three

Who can get the crown?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats still have a chance to win the Pac-12, but they would not only have to sweep at home (hardly impossible), it would require a lot of help from Utah and Oregon somehow going 0-3 (who have won their last nine games combined). Arizona is two games back of Oregon and has only a very remote chance to tie for first and pretty much needs everyone ahead of them to lose out.

So that leaves three.

Oregon Ducks: Oregon is in the driver's seat for at least a share of the Pac-12 title. Win their next two on the road against UCLA and USC and they win it outright. Split the series and they will at the very least earn a share of the title. The pressure is only put on Oregon if they get swept, and everything is suddenly taken out of their hands.

Utah Utes: Utah is very close to at least earning a share, but they'll need some help with at least one Oregon loss. The Utes also only have to play one game to close their season, a home date with Colorado. So they have the likeliest path to a share of the crown.

California Golden Bears: Cal's chances are the most remote; the Bears are on the road on the gruesome Arizona road trip, with a do-or-die matchup with Arizona (the loser is obviously out of it). And even though ASU is bad, it's no easy road. Cal also needs Oregon to lose one game; like Arizona, they'd need a lot of help to earn a split.

Here are the current Pac-12 standings.

Oregon 12-4 -- .750 23-6 .793 W3
Utah 12-5 .5 .706 23-7 .767 W6
California 11-5 1 .688 21-8 .724 W7
Arizona 10-6 2 .625 22-7 .759 L2
Colorado 10-7 2.5 .588 21-9 .700 W2
Oregon State 8-8 4 .500 17-10 .630 W2
Stanford 8-8 4 .500 15-12 .556 W2
USC 8-8 4 .500 19-10 .655 L3
Washington 8-9 4.5 .471 16-13 .552 L2
UCLA 6-10 6 .375 15-14 .517 L2
Arizona State 4-12 8 .250 14-15 .483 L4
Washington State 1-16 11.5 .059 9-20 .310 L15