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Utah football video highlights vs. Michigan mostly interceptions of Jake Rudock

Plus a Devontae Booker hurdle!

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Utes didn't do anything remarkable offensively to beat the Michigan Wolverines. They just did what they normally did, which was be methodical with the football and let the defense take care of the rest.

Utah would intercept Michigan starting quarterback Jake Rudock not once...

Not twice...

But three times, with the third one being the pick six by Justin Thomas that eventually clinched things up.

Utah would get a defensive stop soon after on 4th and short that essentially wrapped up the game.

Offensively, Utah also got a nice hurdle from Devontae Booker....

And the Utes would eventually score behind Booker too.

Travis Wilson was the star on offense though, as he would have a crucial touchdown that would eventually prove to be the difference. Utah would lead by one or two touchdowns the rest of the way.

It was a typical Utah victory. There were no flashy highlights, just a few methodical drives and the defense putting on the clamps when needed while providing more of the heroics.