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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 10/27: Washington State moves up again

Each week, we ask Pac-12 fans to vote in our power rankings.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports


1. Stanford 6-1 5-0 (#1 last week) - The Stanford offense continued to roll as they put up more points on Washington than any other team has this year. They get an interesting challenge to their defense Saturday night in Pullman.

2. Washington State 5-2 3-1 (#3 last week) - Absolutely no one saw Washington State sitting here after week one. The Cougars have a shot at grabbing the top spot in the North if they can upset Stanford Saturday.

3. Cal 5-2 2-2 (#2 last week) - Cal looked pretty pedestrian against UCLA. We will find out a lot about them the rest of the season as they face a gauntlet schedule.

4. Oregon 4-3 2-2 (#4 last week) - Thursday at Arizona State is a huge litmus test for Oregon. They looked much better with a healthy Vernon Adams against Washington and this will a nice challenge for them to show that they can make noise down the stretch.

5. Washington 3-4 1-3 (#5 last week) - The Husky defense is the best in the North, but their offense is the worst.

6. Oregon State 2-5 0-4 (#6 last week) - Oregon State confirmed they are the worst team in the Pac-12 by losing to Colorado at home.


1. Utah 6-1 3-1 (#1 last week) - The Utes finally lost, but their stellar first half of the season performance was good enough to give them a nice first place cushion.

2. USC 4-3 2-2 (#4 last week) - The Trojans established themselves as the top candidate to knock Utah out of the top spot in the South by pummeling them Saturday.

3. UCLA 5-2 2-2 (#3 last week) - Huge win for the Bruins on Thursday bashing Cal. They also have a really good shot at overtaking Utah now.

4. Arizona State 4-3 2-2 (#2 last week) - Arizona State had a week off and the LA schools made major statements.

5. Arizona 5-3 2-3 (#5 last week) - The Wildcats are not looking good and the schedule only gets tougher from here. They are at risk of losing out the rest of the way and missing a bowl game

6. Colorado 4-4 1-3 (#6 last week) - The Buffs got a huge win last week and could possibly jump Arizona eventually if they could steal a win to close out the season.