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2017 3* SG LiAngelo Ball commits to UCLA

Ball is UCLA's first player in the Class of 2017

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA has hit the ground running in terms of 2017 recruiting, becoming the first Pac-12 school to land a player in 247Sports' Top247 with the news that three-star shooting guard LiAngelo Ball committed to the Bruins.

Ball, from Chino, California, was only recruited by UCLA. Given the fact that he committed two years early, there was definite mutual interest between the two. Ball's brother, Lonzo Ball, is a guard in the Class of 2016 who has already signed with UCLA. It is likely that the brothers are looking to keep their tandem in the backcourt going at the next level.

Although Ball is only a sophomore in high school at the moment, below is his most recent highlight reel. His game will likely develop more over the next two years, and we will take another look at him down the road, but as of right now, that's what we have to go off of. His brother, Lonzo, is also featured in this video.

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