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Pac-12 TV Guide week two: Oregon at Michigan State a must-watch

Each week, Avinash Kunnath and Jack Follman rank Pac-12 games based on watchability

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1. Oregon at Michigan State - 5 PM ABC

AK: Potential game of the year candidate. Everyone thinks the Spartans have a good chance to score a victory at home in East Lansing with no Mariota. But the Ducks still have a lot of talent that can do a lot of damage.

JF: This meeting of two legit Top 10 teams might be the non-conference game of the year for so many reasons. Speed vs. strength. A rematch of a great 2014 game. The game will solidify the winner as a top Playoff candidate. Oregon's first test without Mariota. A potential Heisman platform for Connor Cook. I could go on forever...

2. Oregon State at Michigan - 9 AM ABC

AK: Gary Andersen returns to the B1G! The Wolverines will still be trying to gain their footing, so this will be a good chance for the Beavers to steal a marquee win in the Big House if they can get everything in order.

JF: I don't think the Beavers are very good, but I don't think Michigan is either. I am looking forward to seeing a second-straight Pac-12 reunion for Harbaugh and to see if the Beavers can get scrappy and make a game of it in The Big House.

3. Washington State at Rutgers - 12:30 PM ESPNU

AK: Rutgers won in Seattle last year and sent the Cougars in the wrong direction. The Scarlet Knights are dealing with inner turmoil this time around, so this is one Wazzu will want to snatch.

JF: Ugh. The Cougars are in a dark place, but I feel like they will be inspired to travel across the country and play with a solid team that stole one from them last year in Seattle.

4. Utah State at Utah - Friday 6 PM ESPN2

AK: These games tend to be physical, close and full of smash mouth football. It'll be a great way to spend a Friday night.

JF: A nice early season rivalry game between a good looking Pac-12 team and one of the Mountain West's best team. This game always seems to be a close one and gets a spotlight as a Friday night game.

5. Arizona at Nevada - 4 PM CBS Sports Network

AK: Pac-12 teams do wonky things when they make their trip to Reno. Like lose. Rich Rod and the Wildcats need to avoid the upset bug, because that Pistol has bedeviled plenty of teams in the high Sierra air.

JF: This is far from a gimme for Arizona, especially after seeing how poorly their defense played at home against UTSA. I have a feeling Nevada might be able to keep this one at least close in Reno.

6. UCF at Stanford - 7:30 PM FOX Sports 1

AK: UCF has quietly become one of the toughest mid-major matchups in the country, so don't be surprised if this ends up being a close game.

JF: This game is a must-win for two teams that suffered crushing upsets in week one (UCF lost to Florida International). I am interested to see if Stanford can bounce back from a horrifying opening week upset.

7. San Diego State at Cal - 2 PM Pac-12 Networks

AK: The Aztec defense is no joke, so this could be a competitive game. The problem is San Diego State doesn't really have the offense to keep up with the Bear Raid.

JF: San Diego State is always a tough mid-major out for Pac-12 teams. I think Cal can put enough points to get a comfortable win, but you never know.

8. UMass at Colorado - 11 AM Pac-12 Networks

AK: I should feel confident that the Buffs win this game, right? Because the Buffs needed all sorts of hijinx to pull off this win on the East Coast.

JF: This is a big one for Colorado after losing their opener in Hawaii. MacIntyre needs this one bad to turn down the heat.

9. UCLA at UNLV - 7:30 PM CBS Sports Network

AK: UNLV will eventually be a good enough football team that they can upset a Power 5 squad. That will not happen against the Bruins.

JF: UNLV has been a very bad, bad program for a long time, but I never like Pac-12 teams going on the road against Mountain West teams. Something tells me there is a chance UNLV makes this a game.

10. Sacramento State at Washington - 11 AM Pac-12 Networks

AK: The Huskies are going to have their struggles in 2015, so they should take the wins where they can get them. Like here. This is a win!

JF: The Huskies should get a comfortable win here, but as we saw last week in Pullman, Big Sky teams can sneak up on vulnerable Pac-12 teams like Washington who looked to have no offense whatsoever in their opener.

11. Idaho at USC - 5 PM Pac-12 Networks

AK: Ready for your beating Vandals? Because you're gonna get beat.

JF: When was the last time Idaho gave a Pac-12 team a game? Really, how long?

12. Cal Poly at Arizona State - 8 PM Pac-12 Networks

AK: Yeah, I can safely say Pac-12 After Dark won't afflict this curb stomping.

JF: Well, Arizona State didn't look great in the fourth quarter against Texas A&M. Maybe they have a hangover and this becomes a game?