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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 9/9: UCLA takes over top spot in South

We ask Pac-12 fans to vote in our power rankings each week.

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1. Oregon (1-0 #1 last week) - The Ducks defense raised some eyebrows by giving up 42 points to Eastern Washington, but the rest of the continued prowess of their offense and the weakness of the rest of the North made them a nearly unanimous top choice in the North. They will likely stay on top even if they get blown out at Michigan State Saturday.

2. Cal (1-0 #3 last week) - The rest of the North's loss is Cal's gain as they coasted to a 70 plus point win over Grambling and look like the team with the best chance to Oregon after just one week. A lot can change week-by-week early in the season, but Cal's offense looks healthy enough to easily make them a top-half North team in 2015.

3. Stanford (0-1 #2 last week) - Ugh. 2015 landed with a thud for the Cardinal, but lucky for them, they are in the North where everyone except for Oregon has very low potential this season. They could easily climb back up into the second spot in a couple of weeks.

4. Washington (0-1 #4 last week) - The Huskies actually kept it closer r at Boise than I think most expected, but their offense was so putrid that I think most fans don't see them as being able to air-it-out with Cal. Right now they are probably seen as a less-talented Stanford.

5. Oregon State (1-0 #6 last week) - Man, usually a boring win over a bad FCS opponent doesn't feel like much, but with the disappointment in Palo Alto and Pullman right now, it may actually have been a good weekend in Corvallis.

6. Washington State (0-1 #5 last week) - I guess the good news is that the only way to go is up for the Cougars now as they have almost assuredly already hit rock bottom for 2015.


1. UCLA (1-0 #2 last week) - Josh Rosen's lights out debut launched UCLA over USC to the top of the South. The only real question about their depth chart was QB and if Rosen keeps playing like he did against Virginia, that will be far from a question, giving the Bruins the most complete lineup in the conference.

2. USC (1-0 #1 last week) - The Trojans bounced back from Sark's offseason antics well by destroying Arkansas State, but still got jumped by UCLA.

3. Utah (1-0 #5 last week) - The Utes made the biggest Pac-12 statement of the week by beating Michigan and fans gave them credit for it, bumping them up two spots.

4. Arizona (1-0 #4 last week) - The Wildcats were average at best against UTSA, but they weren't that great against them last year, so fans didn't read too much into it.

5. Arizona State (0-1 #3 last week) - The Sun Devils went from popular preseason South favorite to bottom of the big Southern five in one quarter against Texas A&M.

6. Colorado (0-1 #6 last week) - The Buffs just probably Krazy glued themselves to the bottom of the South by losing to Hawaii.