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Pac-12 focused Top 25 9/8: Five Pac-12 teams in Top 25, Arizona State and Stanford drop out

Not a great weekend for the middle of the Pac, but the conference's elite hold strong.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ohio State 1-0

2. TCU 1-0

3. Baylor 1-0

4. Alabama 1-0

5. Oregon 1-0

The Ducks offense didn't look to miss a step after reloading in the offseason, but the defense giving up 42 points to an FCS opponent (albeit a good one) whose best player was suiting up for them is concerning. However, not concerning enough to drop them, especially considering how few statements were made nationally in week one. We will find out if this team deserves to remain in Top Five territory this week at Michigan State.

6. Michigan State 1-0

7. Auburn 1-0

8. Mississippi 1-0

9. Georgia 1-0

10. UCLA 1-0

The only question I had about the Bruins going into 2015 was quarterback and true freshman Josh Rosen could not have done a better job of putting that question to rest in their opener against Virginia. Competition will get tougher down the road for the Bruins and losing defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes really hurts, but I think they are legit Playoff contender if Rosen can play the way he did against Virginia the rest of the season.

11. USC 1-0

The Trojans looked like they couldn't wait to take the field to get away from the distractions their coaches created. Stomping Arkansas State isn't a statement, but it is really what USC needed to do to show that Sarkisian's antics weren't going to be a distraction.

12. Notre Dame 1-0

13. Florida State 1-0

14. Clemson 1-0

15. LSU 0-0

16. Arkansas 1-0

17. Georgia Tech 1-0

18. Oklahoma 1-0

19. Texas A&M 1-0

20. Mississippi State 1-0

21. Tennessee 1-0

22. Utah 1-0

The Utes "out toughing" Jim Harbaugh's Wolverines was one of the best wins of week one. There are limited offensively, but have a tough defense that proved last season's success wasn't a fluke on the opening night of college football.

23. Arizona 1-0

Anu Solomon impressed in Arizona's opener against lowly UTSA, but the rest of the team underwhelmed a little bit. They are going to have a tough time winning the Pac-12 South again if their defense can't step it up as the season goes on.

24. Missouri 1-0

25. Boise State 1-0