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ASU football: Mike Bercovici takes the helm, becomes Internet famous

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Berco Q&A: 'I'm not a patient person.' [Ralph Amsden,]: "ASU QB Mike Bercovici opens up to Ralph Amsden of about patience, brotherhood, and whether he considers himself a role model."

Notes: Bercovici feeds his linemen In-N-Out [Doug Haller, The Arizona Republic]: "Arizona State senior quarterback Mike Bercovici figured this out over the summer, bringing the linemen In-N-Out after Friday workouts."

ASU QB Mike Bercovici talks about playing catch with his girlfriend [Ted Miller, ESPN]: "Arizona State quarterback Mike Bercovici and girlfriend Jaylee Merrill, a Sun Devils dancer, became Internet celebrities last week when a video appeared of the two working on routes."

How high can Bercovici lift the Sun Devils? [Doug Haller, The Arizona Republic]: "Todd Graham knows how it works. When most people think of Mike Bercovici, they think of the quarterback’s strong arm. He’s not impressed. He wants something more."

ASU football quarterback Mike Bercovici optimistic about 2015 offense [Justin Toscano, The State Press]: "ASU football will feature some fresh faces on offensive, specifically in the receiving corps, but redshirt senior quarterback Mike Bercovici is confident the team will maintain the explosiveness it showed last season. "