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UCLA loses Noel Mazzone, Tyler Mazzone to Texas A&M

For more on UCLA, go to Bruins Nation.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The UCLA Bruins will be one of the many prominent Pac-12 teams searching for new coordinators as offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone departs. Bruins fans seem happy, A&M fans less so.

Bruins Nation: "Once you've circled it, you are now required to remember the following five plays until then, but, like Noel, you can remember them in any order:

1. Inside run to the right
2. Bubble screen
3. Deep pass
4. Swing pass to a running back
5. Inside run to the left

Once you've memorized those, you are now officially qualified to serve as the guest defensive coordinator for the Texas A&M game."

Good Bull Hunting: "Mazzone, who played quarterback for New Mexico in the late 70s, has a journeyman coaching career that spans 35 years and 10 schools. He brings SEC offensive coordinator experience with stops at Auburn and Ole Miss. Mazzone's most recent stint at UCLA (2012-15) was consistent but "predictable" according to our friends at SBNation's Bruins Nation."

Report: Texas A&M to hire UCLA's Noel Mazzone as offensive coordinator [Joey Kaufman, Orange County Register]: "Texas A&M is set to hire UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone for the same poisition, according to a report from FootballScoop."

Noel Mazzone, Taylor Mazzone go to Texas A&M [Tracy Pierson, Bruin Report Online]: "Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone and his son, Taylor Mazzone, have taken the same jobs at Texas A&M."