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Noel Mazzone mulling Texas A&M offer, UCLA coach Jim Mora uncertain his OC will return

Lots of confusion from all sides.

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Jim Mora made his first official statement on the potential impending departure of offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone from UCLA to Texas A&M. He basically seems to have no idea and it could go either way. Mora went on the Petros and Money show and offered these comments.

"There is no confirmed validity to the rumor Noel is leaving. He may, but he may not."

Mazzone himself seems to have not come to a firm decision. He did interview with Texas A&M, but returned to UCLA without making an actual decision on the matter. Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports has more.

Texas A&M expected UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone to accept an offer to become the Aggies OC. However, after flying to Texas Wednesday and spending Thursday in College Station, Mazzone is going to fly back to California and mull over the Aggies' offer, a source told FOX Sports late Thursday afternoon. Mazzone is expected to make his decision within the next 24 hours, according to the source.

Initial reports made it sound like Mazzone would take the job, but he has not officially signed any contract at this point. So it could still be just a matter of timing and whether Mazzone wants UCLA to provide a counteroffer as well to increase his contract deal with the Bruins, or maybe get a higher offer from the Aggies. It's quite possible that Mazzone is just conflicted too, as he's enjoyed a great deal of success with his N-Zone system in Westwood.