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UCLA Bruins coach Jim Mora denies all NFL interest, dedicated to Westwood

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Is Jim Mora serious about a return to the NFL? Mora came on the Petros and Money show and vehemently denied any interest in turning pro again, so it sounds like at the moment that his heart is set on being a UCLA Bruin.

There are a couple of possibilities.

1) Mora is sincere about being with the Bruins long-term, and has no real NFL interest.

2) Mora decided to take a look at the NFL opportunities and didn't like any of the openings compared to the relative job stability he seems to enjoy with UCLA at the moment.

3) Mora is not receiving any interest from the NFL at all, and after his intial scouting revealed that, he went back to the recruiting trail and wrapping up another top 25 class for the Bruins.

Jim Mora: ‘I've never really wavered' on dedication to UCLA
[Jack Wang, Inside UCLA]: "UCLA head coach Jim Mora suggested that talk of him returning to the NFL could be generated by his competitors. Jim Mora reaffirmed his dedication to UCLA on Thursday afternoon, dismissing any talk of him returning to the NFL as "rumors and innuendo. I've never really wavered," he said on AM 570. "It's interesting that people question that still."

Jim Mora denies interest in NFL coaching vacancies [Joey Kaufman, Orange County Register]: "We're trying to build something," he said. "I'm disappointed in the way our season ended. We'll double down on everything. It's interesting those rumors come out when I'm totally focused on getting us to the next level."