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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 10/20: Washington State moves up in North

Pac-12 fans vote in our weekly power rankings.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports


1. Stanford 5-1 4-0 (#1 last week) The Cardinal look like the clear top team in the Pac-12 to me right now and they were the near unanimous choice in the North this week.

2. Cal 5-1 2-1 (#2 last week) The Bears rested up before they jump into a Pac-12 gauntlet that will decide whether or not they are an upper-conference team this year.

3. Washington State 4-2 2-1 (#4 last week) I am surprised fans didn't bump Oregon back over Washington State after the Ducks looked better with Vernon Adams. Either way, the Cougars are looking a lot better than they did in week one.

4. Oregon 4-3 2-2 (#5 last week) The Ducks got a huge bump out of getting Vernon Adams back and look like a team that could climb the North ranks here in the coming weeks.

5. Washington 3-3 1-2 (#3 last week) The Huskies showed up Saturday with a huge thud when presented with a chance to put distance between them and Oregon. They are at risk of falling a bit behind Washington State.

6. Oregon State 2-4 0-3 (#6 last week) The Beavers aren't looking good. They may have glued themselves to the bottom of the North by getting bounced by Washington State.


1. Utah 6-0 3-0 (#1 last week) The Utes made a major statement by beating Arizona State. They are the clear cut leaders in the South now and the unanimous top pick.

2. Arizona State 4-3 2-2 (#3 last week) The South is falling apart below Utah. Case in point - the Sun Devils just moved up a spot after losing.

3. UCLA 4-2 1-2 (#2 last week) The Bruins can't compete with Stanford, but the good news for them is that they can compete with pretty much every team in the Pac-12 South.

4. USC 3-3 1-2 (#4 last week) The Trojans could have shown that they will recover by beating Notre Dame Saturday. They didn't.

5. Arizona 5-2 2-2 (#5 last week) The Wildcats won another game, but a win over Colorado doesn't move the needle this year. They will have to prove themselves against the conference's powers.

6. Colorado 3-4 0-3 (#6 last week) It's tough for the Buffs. They have come a long way, but they just can't seem to beat Pac-12 teams.