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Pac-12 TV Guide week eight: Utah gets road test at USC

Avinash Kunnath & Jack Follman breakdown which Pac-12 games you should watch this week.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

1. Utah at USC - 4:30 PM FOX

AK: Utes win this game and they can pretty much wrap up the Pac-12 South: They'd have two wins over two major rivals and have UCLA at home near the end of the season. But USC matches up well with them and they certainly have plenty of talent to try and break this one open. It will all depend on how much time the struggling Trojan offensive line can give a beleaguered Cody Kessler.

JF: This is probably the toughest game left on Utah's schedule and a game where I feel like one team (USC) is overdue for a good game and one team (Utah) is overdue for a tough game. On top of that, I like the match-up here for USC to test Utah's defense with their speed and see if they can create more chaos in the South and salvage their season a little bit.

2. Cal at UCLA - Thursday 6 PM ESPN

AK: Do or die game for both teams. A loss for either is devastating to each team's chances to win their division. UCLA has a winnable slate coming out and plenty of time to right the ship, while Cal is in the middle of a deadly month of games. Jared Goff will look to bounce back from the worst game of his life, while the UCLA defense will try and pick themselves off the mat after conceding 56.

JF: I don't quite know what to make of either of these teams, but I am pretty sure they are fairly evenly matched in what should be a nice Thursday match-up. Both teams really need this game.

3. Washington State at Arizona 1 PM Pac-12 Networks

AK: Points, points, points! Neither of these teams have a great defense so expect the offenses to fly. Arizona's run-first attack savaged Wazzu last year early, so I'm worried the Wildcats might have the upper hand in terms of matchups and schemes.

JF: The Cougars have come a long way from that opening week loss to Portland State, especially on offense. While I don't think their defense can slow Arizona, I don't think Arizona's defense can slow Luke Falk and his receivers. I am fully expecting a shootout in the desert.

4. Washington at Stanford 7:30 PM ESPN

AK: I'm surprised this line is so high. Washington's defense is legit. They're not going to get run over the way depleted UCLA and USC squads did. Obviously the Huskies might have way more trouble scoring, but if they stalemate in the trenches with the Stanford offensive line and can keep this game around 20-30 points they can give themselves a shot.

JF: The Huskies have played the Cardinal really well the past few years, but I fear that this more offensively in-tune Stanford team will give them much more trouble. Washington will have to hope their solid defense can keep Stanford in check and their woeful offense can find something to keep this one close.

5. Colorado at Oregon State 7:30 PM  Pac-12 Networks

AK: Your honorary toilet bowl. This might be the last real chance for either of these teams to win this year. It might be the last chance for Mike MacIntyre--he ends the season with UCLA, Stanford, USC, WSU, Utah. Expect the Buffs to go all out. The Beavers also would like to avoid a bagel in Pac-12 play.

JF: I know there isn't much at stake here, but this is a fight to the death for a conference win for both teams. This is going to be a hard fought one as these two teams try to claw out at least one Pac-12 win in 2015.