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Pac-12 bowl projections 11/18: Nine Pac-12 teams headed to bowls

Stanford still makes it to the Rose Bowl.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Iowa

I guess Stanford will still win the conference, but I certainly don't trust them after they lost at home to Oregon. They still seem like the most complete team in the conference to me and I like their chances against anyone they could face from the South.

Alamo Bowl: Oregon vs. TCU

What I think will be a three-loss Oregon team on a six-game winning streak will be the best option for the Alamo Bowl in my opinion. They will get a fun pairing with one of the four elite Big 12 teams that miss out on the Playoff and New Year's bowls.

Holiday Bowl: USC vs. Michigan

I think the Trojans end up with four losses no matter how the South shakes out and still end up being the most attractive bowl choice from the Southern half of the conference. The Holiday Bowl would love to put them in a fun national match-up like this opposed to a Utah/Michigan rematch.

Foster Farms Bowl: Utah vs. Penn State

I still think the Utes win the South because they beat UCLA and Oregon knocks off USC this weekend, but they drop a couple spots in the selection process after losing the championship game and because they don't have the draw of USC or Oregon.

Sun Bowl - Washington State vs. Miami

The Cougars have a lot of range depending on how they finish out the season and I think they win their final two to end up in the Sun Bowl, their best bowl destination in 12 years.

Las Vegas Bowl - UCLA vs. San Diego State

The Bruins lost a lot of cache by losing at home to Washington State and now close with two very tough road games at Utah and USC. Even if they lose their last three, I think the Vegas Bowl would love to pit them in a Southern California showdown.

Cactus Bowl - Arizona State vs. Utah State

I think Arizona State wins The Territorial Cup which will serve as a play-in game to this local bowl game.

Poinsettia Bowl - Cal vs. Boise State

Cal and Arizona will get at-large bids and there will be plenty this year as I wouldn't be shocked if there are so many a bowl or two has to take a team with a losing record. The Poinsettia will jump at the chance to pit two West Coast teams together and get a high profile quarterback like Jared Goff in their game.

Arizona Bowl - Arizona vs. Utah State

Conference USA won't be able to fill this bowl slot and the bowl will love to bring in the home state Wildcats.