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Pacific Takes Top 25 11/22: five Pac-12 teams in Top 25

UCLA moves into the Top 25.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Iowa

4. Oklahoma

5. Baylor

6. Michigan State

7. Oklahoma State

8. Notre Dame

9. Ohio State

10. Florida

11. North Carolina

12. Michigan

13. TCU

14. Navy

15. Northwestern

16. Stanford

The Cardinal have sewn up the North, but they are an afterthought nationally at this point. They can start climbing the ladder back towards the Top 5 though if they can beat Notre Dame this weekend.

17. Florida State

18. Wisconsin

19. Washington State

The Cougars have put together probably the best surprise season of anyone in the nation this season. Potentially losing Luke Falk  could complicate things the rest of the way though.

20. UCLA

The Bruins are now the South favorite after grinding out a win at Utah. That is actually pretty impressive considering they are starting a true freshman at quarterback and have had a lot of injuries.

21. Utah

It hasn't been a good month for the Utes. They haven't beaten a bowl-eligible team since mid-October.

22. Oregon

The Ducks are better than their ranking, but rankings consider your overall resume for the season and there is no getting around their three losses. They can creep up towards the Top 10 though if they win The Civil War and a big bowl game.

23. Mississippi State

24. Mississippi

25. Houston