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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/14: Ducks stay in Top 10

Oregon only drops one spot in our Top 25.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ohio State 2-0

2. TCU 2-0

3. Alabama 2-0

4. Michigan State 2-0

5. Baylor 2-0

6. Oregon 1-1

I am not going to ding the Ducks for losing at Michigan State by three. I actually only dropped them below Michigan State. They aren’t nearly as good at quarterback as they have been the past few years and have more holes, but they are still a solid Playoff contender and all the teams below them have major flaws of question marks.

7. UCLA 2-0

I really like UCLA to win the South and be a Playoff contender as long as Josh Rosen keeps playing like the nation’s best freshman. They have a sneaky test this week in Pasadena against BYU though. The Cougars have already won at Nebraska and against Boise State and should not be taken lightly.

8. USC 2-0

The Trojans have looked as advertised against two cupcakes. We will find out a bit more about them this Saturday when they take on a questionable, but still solid Stanford team.

9. Mississippi 2-0

10. Georgia 2-0

11. Florida State 2-0

12. Oklahoma 2-0 1

3. LSU 1-0

14. Clemson 2-0

15. Notre Dame 2-0

16. Georgia Tech 2-0

17. Texas A&M 2-0

18. Utah 2-0

The Utes have grinded out two tough wins at home with impressive defense. It’s early, but they have looked like the best team in the Pac-12 South outside of LA thus far in 2015.

19. Arizona 2-0

Another week, another ho hum win for the Wildcats against a mid-major. I don’t think we will know much about this team until Pac-12 play starts.

20. Missouri 2-0

21. Auburn 2-0

22. Kansas State 2-0

23. Florida 2-0

24. Oklahoma State 2-0

25. BYU 2-0