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The good, the bad and the unknown week seven: Stanford and Utah keep it rolling

The North and South leaders establish dominance in week seven.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Stanford - The Cardinal look like they could be the best team in the country to me right now. With Kevin Hogan putting it together, Christian McCaffrey turning into the most electric offensive weapon they maybe have ever had and the talented offensive fulfilling their potential, their offense is scary. Combine that with an inexperienced, but solid defense and you have a national title contender.

Christian McCaffrey - This guy is looking like the best dual-threat back the conference has seen since Reggie Bush. He takes the formerly stagnant Stanford offense to another level.

Utah's defense - Utah has eclipsed Stanford and now has the conference's unquestioned best defense. They look like Stanford of the past few years to me with maybe only a slightly less-talented offense. They are a legit national title contender as well.

Vernon Adams - I'll admit when I was wrong burying the guy. He had another lights out game in Husky Stadium and was a 20-point difference maker for the Ducks in a game they really needed to win. His ability to improvise and avoid pressure finally gave the Ducks the Mariota Lite look they hoped they were getting when they got him.

Oregon against Washington - The Ducks are simply flawless against Washington, even when they aren't that good as a whole anymore. The Ducks got epic performances from Adams, Bralon Addison, Darren Carrington, DeForest Buckner and Alex Balducci and haven't had a turnover against Washington since 2012.

Jared Baker - Baker stepped in for Nick Wilson and won a tough game for the Wildcats that they really needed. Finishing with nearly 250 total yards and three touchdowns, he was the difference in the game.

Luke Falk - Sure, quarterbacks pretty much just put up numbers in Mike Leach's offense, but Falk is orchestrating the Cougars offense just how it needs to be and limiting his mistakes.

The Bad

UCLA against Stanford - The Bruins just can't seem to even get close to figuring out the Cardinal. Fulfilling a stereotype, I think the Bruins don't respond well when physical teams hit them in the mouth.

Washington against Oregon - The Huskies simply can't seem to get over their issues with the Ducks even when the rest of the conference has. The Huskies let a golden opportunity to end their futile streak against Oregon by making endless mistakes and putrid offensive play.

Washington's offense - A lot was made of how bad Oregon's defense was going into Saturday, but I knew Oregon would win because Washington's offense is somehow much worse at offense than Oregon's defense is at defense. It is very tough to win games in the Pac-12 if getting to even just 20 points seems like a miracle for your offense.

USC - The Trojans simply aren't very good, especially on defense and compound it with clear morale issues. This season could get ugly for the Trojans.

Colorado's breakthrough - Watching the Buffs is heartbreaking. They are making strides, but they just can't seem to win in the Pac-12.

Oregon State - The Beavers simply look like the worse team in the Pac-12 to me until proven otherwise. They must win at home against Colorado next week.

The Unknown

Can Stanford run the table? The Cardinal have a very favorable schedule the rest of the way. Can they avoid a let down and win out?

What is UCLA? Sticking to their usual script, the Bruins seem like an ultra-talented team that could rebound and win 10 games this year, but they also seem like a team teetering on the edge of slipping back into the middle of the pack.

Can Utah run the table? The Utes made a minor statement by pulling away from Arizona State late and have a favorable schedule the rest of the way. Can they win out? Imagine a Playoff play-in game between Stanford and Utah in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

What is Arizona State? Another team I can't really figure out. The Sun Devils are well-coached and skilled enough to win 9-10 games, but they could also struggle to get to six wins. I really don't know.

Vernon Adams and Oregon? The Ducks looked like a different team on offense with a full-steam Adams against Washington but the team overall still looked like a middle-of-the-pack team and Adams' health will always be an issue. Did the Ducks turn the corner against Washington? Or did they just get a nice match-up against a Washington team that is snake bit against them?

Can Washington ever beat Oregon? The gap has suddenly really narrowed between Oregon and Washington, but the Huskies still looked like a different team when they play Oregon and missed out on a really good chance to finally beat the Ducks by peeing down their leg for no reason. Can Washington ever get over their struggles with Oregon?

Is USC done? The Trojans look like a team that might pack it in. Will they rally behind Clay Helton and win a handful of the games the way they can, or will they fold after a painful past couple of months?

Can Colorado win a Pac-12 game? Another week, another moral victory for the Buffs. Can they finally grab a Pac-12 win at Oregon State this week?